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Tired of the clutter...Mr. Organizer is here to declutter!

Here at Mr. Organizer we do not know what we will be getting into, until we get into it. For this reason, we recommend beginning with one organizer for a minimum of 4 hours to help determine the need for future sessions. After the first session, we will have a much better idea as to how future sessions will go, and how many sessions may be necessary to finish your projects. Remember, as we work together, we will coach and train you how to sort, purge and organizer a way that will benefit you for a lifetime.

There is a 6 hour minimum requirement per session for anything over 30 miles, although exceptions are made within reason. Although we will handle most or all of the physical work, you will find that going through your things can be mentally exhausting as well. We often begin our sessions mid- morning or right after lunch time, so everyone can take a re- energizing break after the first couple of hours or so. If you prefer starting your day earlier, we are happy to accommodate. 


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